Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sea of Thieves 1-12-2019

Sea of Thieves adventurers day 2.

Guy on the dock who boarded our ship. I sworded him successfully. Georgia jumped off the ship and dropped off the treasure unnoticed.

We dropped off a Mermaid's treasure at Plunder Outpost. Met someone new who was setting off for the first time tonight. We dropped off the treasure successfully for $1000 gold. I initially boarded their ship and went in to game chat. They asked me to get off their ship.

Then we went to an island. Got attacked by a Galleon. We sank. Cook's Island

We returned to the island got a treasure. Then dropped it off at outpost.

Then the Galleon and Sloop attacked us there.

Another night at Sea of Thieves. Where it is more Thieves than Friends.

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