Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fortnite Security Vulnerability (Change Your Password)

There was a Fortnite by Epic Games security vulnerability reported today. Check Point security found the vulnerability, makers of Zone Alarm. It affected a Unreal Tournament 2004 statistics tracking page. Epic Games has since taken it down. Hackers were able to login into their account, they could have made purchases, listen to Fornite party and more.

Please check your account as a preventative measure and associated credit cards to see if purchases were made.

Please do the following on your Epic Games account:
1.) Change your password to your account.
2.) Enable 2 Step Authentication if possible. It will add an additional layer of security by requiring entering in a code after entering your username and password to login. The following are two authenticators available on smartphones and tablets that you can use that provide the code:
Google Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator


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