Saturday, July 28, 2018

Post Pokemon Pre Release Celestial Storm Weekend

Last weekend was the Pokemon Pre Release Celestial Storm weekend!
Saturday: The day started at 5:30am that morning. It was up and getting ready. Almost, it was back to sleep for an additional hour in a tub nap. Then two packets of Simple Truth Cranberry and Cinnamon Oatmeal with Simple Truth Organic Milk. I cleaned out my Pokemon backpack the night before. However I still organized and got ready with binder pages for holding cards I would collect. I grabbed my keys and drove off to our local game store. When I arrived there were people standing outside of the store. It was not until after 10:10am that we were welcomed into the store. The store was nice and cold with the air conditioning! I got in line to change my Pokemon Pre Release reservation from Sunday to Saturday. I also bought a Pokemon XY Evolutions Venasaur and Chessex 6 sided dice. I saw my friend and former league coordinator Aaron! We talked about the new cards we wanted out of this expansion set. Then after sometime it was time to start the Pokemon Pre Release! I took my seat and Jonny, my friend and the Pokemon Pre Release coordinator went over the rules. I got given my Pokemon Pre Release box as it was the last box left after everyone from the other table had selected from. I started opening and building my deck when we were allowed to start. I immediately went after the Mudkip, Marshtomp and Swampert Pokemon from the Hoenn region! Swampert deals base 80 plus 20 for every water energy attached! For base math assuming all 3 water energy are attached for the attack, you are looking at 140 calculated damage! Then after the allotted 30 minutes to build our 40 card decks it was time to battle! The first battle I lost to a Manetric without a bench to work with, basically an automatic loss. Then the second battle I forget what it was against. I lost anyhow. The only win was the third round, it was a bye! That means I did not play. The bye was in part created by Alex, also a friend and another player dropping out. The other player dropped out due to his car’s gas tank leaking fuel in the parking lot. The fire department came in. The final score was 1-2 win/loss record. I traded for more Swampert line, Ludicolo and Articuno GX Full Art. I traded away Magcargo, Manectric, Nuzleaf, Seedot and Scizor GX. These were several individual trades.
Saturday Afternoon: I did not realize until Jonny told me that a second round Pokemon Pre Release was happening this afternoon. I was on the fence about going for a second round. I was thinking it was going to be a long day without lunch. All I had were Luna Bars or food bars to stave off the hunger. Then I asked Aaron if he was going to play the afternoon round. He said he was! At that moment did I decide to sign up for part 2! Jonny also said we were going to take approximately an hour for lunch. I used that window of opportunity to run home and grabbed lunch. I grabbed chicken nachos, Acai juice. Then at 2PM rushed back to the local game store. I was late everyone had their decks put together. I got handed a Pokemon Pre Release box and started building. I got extremely fortunate to get the full Swampert line in my starting plastic pack. I also got an additional Mudkip in the booster packs. The rule of 4 does not apply to Pokemon Pre Releases according to the rules packet. It was team Mudkip 5, Marshtomp 2 and Swampert 2 lineup! However this was instead a Pokemon unofficial side tournament. I asked Aaron and ultimately got the answer to be yes for ignoring the rule of 4. My opponent was already waiting because I was late. The first battle I won using Swampert and 5 water energy attached dealing 180! Then I moved on to the second round. I was playing against Sam, a player I know from Pokemon League. He also was playing the Swampert line. I kept joking with him that his evolutions did not show up for the team to battle. I won that second round again with a Swampert! The final match was against my good friend, Aaron. I felt like Ash Ketchum having to battle Richie in the Indigo League Season 1 of Pokemon the Series on TV! We shook hands and agreed this would not get between us. Unfortunately this round did not go according to plan. My fault was not putting out my prize cards. I might have got tripped up by being asked to record the battle? He also locked me out with Amnesia with Swalot. Swampert only has one attack Hydro Pump. I had Kyogre partially set up on the bench. I lost this battle because Aaron took a prize card when we found out I forgot mine. It was an interesting battle to say the least. I received my prize support for this unofficial tournament. I was very happy once it was over to have placed 2nd place! I got 2 booster packs after winning each round and 3 additional packs for 2nd place, in addition 3 packs for playing the Pre Release.
Sunday: I texted Jonny last minute to see if there was still space for Sunday’s event. I registered again for this event. I played the Metagross line from my plastic pack. I first round lost. The second match was close with a Cacnea, Septile and Swampert. Ultimately I lost because of Cacnea’s ability to poison on contact. I won the last battle against Metagross. My record for the day 1-2.
Overall, like my previous post I said was Pokemon Pre Release Weekend! I literally lived up to that statement! 3 Pokemon Pre Release Celestial Storm events in one weekend! It was an awesome time! I was happy to see Jonny, Aaron, Alex and everyone! They are always so supportive! Saturday was an extremely long day ranking in 12 hours from 5am – 5pm of Pokemon and preparations! It was a long day up with 19 hours total into tomorrow. I like going to Pokemon Pre Releases and trading for the water Pokemon I am after. The best part is having friends at these events, trading, talking and having an awesome time! I look forward until the next Pokemon Pre Release. I also might be going back to Pokemon League here. I need to play Swampert in a full legal 60 card deck with the rule of 4 in effect! I want a rematch with Aaron!
(Again all the details might not add up. It is what happens when you write the replay from memory next week.)

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Pokemon Pre Release Weekend Celestial Storm

I am looking forward to going to Pokemon Pre Release Celestial Storm. (This is a trading card game however this is a gaming blog beyond video games too.) My favorite trainers Jonny, Aaron and Adrian have put it on in the past. Currently Jonny runs it for our location. They all are amazing! I am eternally grateful for them as friends and their awesome! I want to pull Swampert, Articuno and other Pokemon.
Swampert for the Pre Release is going to be awesome if I can pull it out. It is a Stage 2. However that Hydro Pump with base 80 plus 20 for every water energy is going to be awesome.
Articuno is a basic. That Ice Wing for 130 damage without restrictions could be devastating!
Ludicolo also a Stage 2. Its Swing Dance for a drawing card, nice. Also its Circular Steps for 70 base plus 10 for each Pokemon in play excluding itself. We are looking at a possible 5 Pokemon on your bench and 6 Pokemon (5 bench + 1 Active) on your opponent’s field! That is 70 + 110 = 180 damage possible. That I could use!
I also am looking at Sky Pillar which will allow for no bench damage to my Pokemon. (I now have plans to add that to my regular not Pre Release deck XY Evolutions Dugtrio deck. I can already imagine the possibilities!)
Where you can find the full set list currently is at
(No affiliation or endorsement.)
I will be writing more blog posts. This is only the start. Now I have to get some sleep. I have to be the best, take the ultimate test and be better than all the rest!