Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Games I am looking forward to the rest of 2019

Here are the games that I am looking forward to in the rest of 2019:

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield 11/15/2019
Need for Speed Heat 11/8/2019

Pokemon Sword and Shield take place in the Galar region. It is going to be awesome exploring a new Pokemon region. Dyna Max Pokemon looks interesting that they will be more powerfull and larger. I love the story of Pokemon games and the battles too! The multiplayer on Nintendo Switch looks interesting. There will be character customization.

Need for Speed Heat represents the latest in the franchise and back from hiatus 2017. It is back to the 5 heat levels and police pursuits. Customization is back with 3rd party parts and Need for Speed parts. There is a day and night cycle. Daytime the police are normal. At night they will use anything and any means to stop you. Hopefully, freeroam pursuits are back. I do not have any confirmation yet.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Need for Speed

Xbox and Playstation Controller Support Coming to iOS 13 this Thursday September 19, 2019

Microsoft Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Controller support is coming to iOS 13. I will be checking out what games support it at launch. I will be using my Xbox One Controller. However, I would love to get a Sony PlayStation 4 Controller to see what it is like. I wonder if any Electronic Arts or racing games games will support controllers on iOS 13? I have been wanting Xbox controller support on Apple iOS for a long time. I even looked up YouTube videos that were trolling and trying to make me believe it was actually supported. Now the joke is going to be on them since it will actually be supported.

Apple iOS 13 Controller Support

Xbox Project Scarlett

Are you ready for Xbox Project Scarlett next year Holiday 2020?

Up to 8K resolution

120 Hertz / 120 frames per second
Variable Refresh Rate

I am looking forward to Xbox Project Scarlett. I already upgraded to Xbox One X in 2017 and Sony 4K television. The graphics should be an upgrade from the Xbox One generation. I am wondering if the controller will be different? Regardless, I am excited! However, I feel taken that Xbox One X only got 3 years of service 2017-2020. Also it of course will be expensive at launch. I will wait until I feel it is a good value like increased hard drive or performance and my friends upgrade.