Monday, April 8, 2019

Game Rotation

Developers develop a game for months and years only for gamers to play it for a limited time only to move on to the next game.

My friends and I continue to demonstrate this hypothesis and philosophy. We have played Crackdown 3 for only 1 day. Then we played Electronic Art's BioWare's Anthem for several weeks. Now the game that we are playing is Ubisoft's The Division 2. The Division 2 is what I am mainly focusing on.

Then when Entertainment Electronics Expo (E3) comes June 9 - June 11, 2019 will be the next announcements of new games, those games will be release and the cycle will start all over again. Also not to mention any digital games my friends pick up in the meantime that I will definitely pass on. I do buy digital only games only when it is warranted. I love my physical games as previously discussed on the blog.

The lifecycle of the modern blockbuster triple AAA game is measured in weeks of gameplay. I really wish we could go back before every game developer wanted to release a subpar decent game in addition to the major studios like Electronic Arts (EA), Ubisoft, Activision, Bethesda and others. However it offers unparalleled availability, expansive and diverse game offerings not previously available before digital distribution.

If only my friends and I could agree on playing the same game longer than weeks until the next one comes along and captures their attention. Also maybe we have grown up and have less time and are more focused on buying the game than playing it? Also attention spans have shortened thanks to the instant gratification of the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW). Also there are so many more sales of discounting games.

Anyways keep on gaming!

JPSH Commentary

Game Review: Crackdown 3

I got into Crackdown when Xbox offered Crackdown Xbox 360 for free to download. I was instantly hooked at the open world game. The premise is simple take down the enemy gangs and restore order to Pacific City. The ability to take down the gangs in any order is fun.

Crackdown 3 takes this simple gameplay and improves. Terry Crews is featured as Commander Jaxon voice over. However, it lacks in any originality above the voice acting by Terry Crews. In fact, the only reasons I bought Crackdown 3 were Terry Crews voice acting and that I had played Crackdown 1. The open world gameplay to go anywhere and do anything together with cooperative with a friend helped. However only 1 cutscene with Terry Crews Commander Jaxon left me lacking wanting to play more. It was an empty feeling like this was Crackdown 1. The world is beautifully upgraded from Crackdown 1. However, it feels like a new coat of paint to a game that has not changed.

If I had spent more time evaluating Crackdown 3 rather than my fanboy hype for the game because of Terry Crews, I should not have bought Crackdown 3. However I tried it out on my Xbox Game Pass complimentary subscription (I call it complimentary because I have not paid any of my own money for it. I received codes through Microsoft Bing Rewards.) that runs through August 2019. I love what Crackdown stands for. However, the empty feeling leaves me no reason to go back to the game. Other than I want to experience Commander Jaxon Terry Crews voice acting and play the game cooperatively with friends.

I do not think I will consider buying a sequel if Microsoft makes another Crackdown in the franchise. It was a mistake looking back on it. I only heard really about Crackdown 3 through a Microsoft Bing Rewards survey and at the time knew nothing about it.

// Crackdown 1 was offered for free for a limited time to download. Recently Crackdown 2 was also offered for free to download on Xbox. However I purchased Crackdown 3.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Buying Physical over Digital Games

Digital sales are increasing in 2019. Overall physical sales are decreasing. Digital games are increasing over physical games as gamers choose convenience over driving to the store or buying physical discs shipped to their house online. Also console gamers prefer physical games for their collections according to Games Industry Biz. In addition you can lend a physical console game to a friend or trade it in at a store. This is something you cannot do with digital.

Remember that your local independent video games store or retailer like Best Buy and GameStop has the latest games on shelves or at launch. They have actual people who are working there to sell you the latest game or your favorite. Plus they are friendly and knowledgeable. Something you cannot read from an online review or video. Plus you do not have to download the base game only the content that is not available on the disc. If your Internet download speed is less than desirable choose physical! Remember they are working there to provide you the customer a product.

If you do not want them to go out of business like other companies Toys R Us and Circuit City that also sold video games choose buying physical games! There are people's careers on the line. They need a paycheck in order to live. Plus the games are more often on sale because they have to move physical merchandise. A benefit to you the gamer.