Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Games I am looking forward to the rest of 2019

Here are the games that I am looking forward to in the rest of 2019:

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield 11/15/2019
Need for Speed Heat 11/8/2019

Pokemon Sword and Shield take place in the Galar region. It is going to be awesome exploring a new Pokemon region. Dyna Max Pokemon looks interesting that they will be more powerfull and larger. I love the story of Pokemon games and the battles too! The multiplayer on Nintendo Switch looks interesting. There will be character customization.

Need for Speed Heat represents the latest in the franchise and back from hiatus 2017. It is back to the 5 heat levels and police pursuits. Customization is back with 3rd party parts and Need for Speed parts. There is a day and night cycle. Daytime the police are normal. At night they will use anything and any means to stop you. Hopefully, freeroam pursuits are back. I do not have any confirmation yet.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Need for Speed

Xbox and Playstation Controller Support Coming to iOS 13 this Thursday September 19, 2019

Microsoft Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Controller support is coming to iOS 13. I will be checking out what games support it at launch. I will be using my Xbox One Controller. However, I would love to get a Sony PlayStation 4 Controller to see what it is like. I wonder if any Electronic Arts or racing games games will support controllers on iOS 13? I have been wanting Xbox controller support on Apple iOS for a long time. I even looked up YouTube videos that were trolling and trying to make me believe it was actually supported. Now the joke is going to be on them since it will actually be supported.

Apple iOS 13 Controller Support

Xbox Project Scarlett

Are you ready for Xbox Project Scarlett next year Holiday 2020?

Up to 8K resolution

120 Hertz / 120 frames per second
Variable Refresh Rate

I am looking forward to Xbox Project Scarlett. I already upgraded to Xbox One X in 2017 and Sony 4K television. The graphics should be an upgrade from the Xbox One generation. I am wondering if the controller will be different? Regardless, I am excited! However, I feel taken that Xbox One X only got 3 years of service 2017-2020. Also it of course will be expensive at launch. I will wait until I feel it is a good value like increased hard drive or performance and my friends upgrade.


Monday, April 8, 2019

Game Rotation

Developers develop a game for months and years only for gamers to play it for a limited time only to move on to the next game.

My friends and I continue to demonstrate this hypothesis and philosophy. We have played Crackdown 3 for only 1 day. Then we played Electronic Art's BioWare's Anthem for several weeks. Now the game that we are playing is Ubisoft's The Division 2. The Division 2 is what I am mainly focusing on.

Then when Entertainment Electronics Expo (E3) comes June 9 - June 11, 2019 will be the next announcements of new games, those games will be release and the cycle will start all over again. Also not to mention any digital games my friends pick up in the meantime that I will definitely pass on. I do buy digital only games only when it is warranted. I love my physical games as previously discussed on the blog.

The lifecycle of the modern blockbuster triple AAA game is measured in weeks of gameplay. I really wish we could go back before every game developer wanted to release a subpar decent game in addition to the major studios like Electronic Arts (EA), Ubisoft, Activision, Bethesda and others. However it offers unparalleled availability, expansive and diverse game offerings not previously available before digital distribution.

If only my friends and I could agree on playing the same game longer than weeks until the next one comes along and captures their attention. Also maybe we have grown up and have less time and are more focused on buying the game than playing it? Also attention spans have shortened thanks to the instant gratification of the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW). Also there are so many more sales of discounting games.

Anyways keep on gaming!

JPSH Commentary

Game Review: Crackdown 3

I got into Crackdown when Xbox offered Crackdown Xbox 360 for free to download. I was instantly hooked at the open world game. The premise is simple take down the enemy gangs and restore order to Pacific City. The ability to take down the gangs in any order is fun.

Crackdown 3 takes this simple gameplay and improves. Terry Crews is featured as Commander Jaxon voice over. However, it lacks in any originality above the voice acting by Terry Crews. In fact, the only reasons I bought Crackdown 3 were Terry Crews voice acting and that I had played Crackdown 1. The open world gameplay to go anywhere and do anything together with cooperative with a friend helped. However only 1 cutscene with Terry Crews Commander Jaxon left me lacking wanting to play more. It was an empty feeling like this was Crackdown 1. The world is beautifully upgraded from Crackdown 1. However, it feels like a new coat of paint to a game that has not changed.

If I had spent more time evaluating Crackdown 3 rather than my fanboy hype for the game because of Terry Crews, I should not have bought Crackdown 3. However I tried it out on my Xbox Game Pass complimentary subscription (I call it complimentary because I have not paid any of my own money for it. I received codes through Microsoft Bing Rewards.) that runs through August 2019. I love what Crackdown stands for. However, the empty feeling leaves me no reason to go back to the game. Other than I want to experience Commander Jaxon Terry Crews voice acting and play the game cooperatively with friends.

I do not think I will consider buying a sequel if Microsoft makes another Crackdown in the franchise. It was a mistake looking back on it. I only heard really about Crackdown 3 through a Microsoft Bing Rewards survey and at the time knew nothing about it.

// Crackdown 1 was offered for free for a limited time to download. Recently Crackdown 2 was also offered for free to download on Xbox. However I purchased Crackdown 3.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Buying Physical over Digital Games

Digital sales are increasing in 2019. Overall physical sales are decreasing. Digital games are increasing over physical games as gamers choose convenience over driving to the store or buying physical discs shipped to their house online. Also console gamers prefer physical games for their collections according to Games Industry Biz. In addition you can lend a physical console game to a friend or trade it in at a store. This is something you cannot do with digital.

Remember that your local independent video games store or retailer like Best Buy and GameStop has the latest games on shelves or at launch. They have actual people who are working there to sell you the latest game or your favorite. Plus they are friendly and knowledgeable. Something you cannot read from an online review or video. Plus you do not have to download the base game only the content that is not available on the disc. If your Internet download speed is less than desirable choose physical! Remember they are working there to provide you the customer a product.

If you do not want them to go out of business like other companies Toys R Us and Circuit City that also sold video games choose buying physical games! There are people's careers on the line. They need a paycheck in order to live. Plus the games are more often on sale because they have to move physical merchandise. A benefit to you the gamer.



Thursday, January 24, 2019

Gaming is for Everyone!

Please remember gaming is for everyone. Everyone online needs respect. Even though we have our differences respect is still needed. Respect is needed for conversations over voice chat with people we do not know personally. Make gaming a positive experience for everyone!

JPSHRACER Code of Conduct: (It also applies to this blog)

No excessive swearing in online. Especially around kids.*

Do not discriminate based on age, ethnicity, race, origin, sexual orientation or any other form of discrimination. 

Do not make racist, sexist or other kinds of jokes.

No harassment of any kind. Including toward female gamers. This will not be tolerated! It is simply unacceptable behavior even if it is not illegal. Then male gamers of all kinds are reverse discriminated for this toxic behavior. That means male gamers get a bad reputation.

No sexually explicit content. Also, including toward female gamers. This will not be tolerated! It is simply unacceptable behavior even if it is not illegal. Then male gamers of all kinds are reverse discriminated for this toxic behavior. That means male gamers get a bad reputation.

*There is no swearing allowed in the comments of this blog. Your comment will be deleted. I do not tolerate swearing language or any attempts to bypass filtering.


This post or another post may have updated rules of conduct. You agree to follow them for this blog. Also apply them to your online gaming experience. It will make your online gaming a more welcoming place for everyone. Thank you in advance for your support making gaming for everyone!

Video Games $43 Billion Dollar (USD) Industry

The video games industry is now a $43,400,000,000 (that is billion United States Dollar) industry. That is higher than the movie theater industry at $ 41,700,000,000 (billion United States Dollars) or the streaming media services industry at 2,800,000,000 (billion United States Dollars. That is an 18% increase over 2017. The video games figure does not even include digital sales. Some of the top games of last year were Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, Battlefield V, Super Mario Odyssey, Call of Duty: WWII, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Party and Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu. All according to the Fortune website video titled "Americans spent a ton of money on video Games in 2018".

It is amazing to see how far video game sales have come. I have picked up Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Battlefield V last year 2018. Please continue to buy physical games whenever possible to support local businesses and jobs in your community. Gaming is everyone! Remember respect in online voice chat! Make gaming a positive experience for everyone! Thank you for your support.

The next blog post will be specifically about this. Please go read it!

NDP Group Top Games Sales 2018 from the video:
  1. Red Dead Redemption II
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  3. NBA 2K19
  4. Madden NFL 19
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  6. Marvel’s Spider-Man
  7. Far Cry 5
  8. God of War 2018
  9. Monster Hunter: World
  10. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
  11. Grand Theft Auto V
  12. Mario Kart 8
  13. FIFA 19
  14. Battlefield V
  15. Super Mario Odyssey
  16. Call of Duty: WWII
  17. Dragon Ball: Fighterz
  18. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  19. Super Mario Party
  20. Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu
NDP Website Top Games Sales Including Digital December 2018:

Top 10 Selling Video Games (Retail and Digital), December 2018

RankRank Last MonthTitlePublisher
1NEWSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate*Nintendo
21Red Dead Redemption IITake 2 Interactive (Corp)
32Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII^Activision Blizzard (Corp)
43Battlefield V^Electronic Arts
57NBA 2K19Take 2 Interactive (Corp)
614Mario Kart 8*Nintendo
78Madden NFL 19^Electronic Arts
812Super Mario Party*Nintendo
95Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu*Nintendo
1013Marvel's Spider-ManSony (Corp)
* - Digital Not Included | ^ - PC Digital Not Included

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'Americans Spent a Ton of Money on Video Games in 2018" video and NDP Group Data

NDP Group Video Games Sales December 2018

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Division 2 The New Dark Zones

The new Dark Zone offers a normalized version. This means that level will not be the only factor determining if you are powerful in the Dark Zone in The Division 2. Therefore it will be more welcoming to players who do not pour in hundreds of hours to perfect their loadout. "All players will have an equal chance to succeed.", according to The Division video. Automated turrets guard entry points and will protect newcomers. 

There will also be the Occupied Dark Zone. In the Occupied Dark Zone it is you the solo Division Agent against everyone else. There are no groups. Rules do not apply in the Occupied Dark Zone. You have to keep your guard up. If you pour in hundreds of hours to perfect your loadout, the Occupied Dark Zone is for you!

Going Rogue allows you to lock pick Supply Crates, cut Agents extraction gear and hack SHD Terminals to obtain resources.

There are 3 types of Rogue status now in The Division 2:

  • Rogue Non Lethal Anti-Agency Activity: For non attacking activities including lock picking Supply Crates, cutting fellow Division Agents extractions and hacking SHD Terminals.
  • Rogue Disavowed The Division: For attacking other human players.
  • Manhunt Status: For attacking other human players repeatedly. It takes killing 5 human players to achieve manhunt status.

"The Division 2 Dark Zone will continue to evolve as part of our commitment to post-launch", according to Ubisoft and The Dark Zone video.

With this new intel, I am really looking forward to The Division 2.

Preorder on Xbox One before January 31, 2019 at participating retailers including Best Buy to receive a 1 month Game Pass subscription code.

Preorder on Xbox, Windows PC and Playstation to receive guaranteed access to The Division 2 Beta available February 7, 2019 - February 10, 2019.

The Division 2 available March 15, 2019
The Division 2 Gold Edition/ Ultimate Edition March 12, 2019

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Multiplayer Trailer: Dark Zones & Conflict | Ubisoft [NA]


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fortnite Security Vulnerability (Change Your Password)

There was a Fortnite by Epic Games security vulnerability reported today. Check Point security found the vulnerability, makers of Zone Alarm. It affected a Unreal Tournament 2004 statistics tracking page. Epic Games has since taken it down. Hackers were able to login into their account, they could have made purchases, listen to Fornite party and more.

Please check your account as a preventative measure and associated credit cards to see if purchases were made.

Please do the following on your Epic Games account:
1.) Change your password to your account.
2.) Enable 2 Step Authentication if possible. It will add an additional layer of security by requiring entering in a code after entering your username and password to login. The following are two authenticators available on smartphones and tablets that you can use that provide the code:
Google Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Gaming and Games of The Olden Days

Looking back on the progression of history of gaming sometimes the olden days of gaming were better. Or maybe my memory of really having fun playing games together is better.

There was no online multiplayer, only local splitscreen. The multiplayer was having your friends over to play Mario Kart 64 or Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo 64. I remember racing home from school to go over to play Nintendo 64 with my friend Jordan. We experienced playing splitscreen and new games together. Walkthroughs on games were limited. If you wanted the answer you either had to figure it out yourself or talking with your friends. Game ideas were new and revolutionary. Franchises of games were not as built up as today like as many iterations of the game. Like the first time I heard about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4. Game stories about how you did were told in home room Advisory at my high school. There was no built in game capture. The story of an awesome multiplayer match was told live. Achievements in games were told too.

Gaming of the olden days does not have to be yesteryear. Put down the smartphone. Grab a friend and play splitscreen or talk about gaming together. The part I need to do is find new gamer friends. Friends who you share the same games in common.

Let me know in the comments your memories of gaming or finding gamer friends.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sea of Thieves 1-12-2019

Sea of Thieves adventurers day 2.

Guy on the dock who boarded our ship. I sworded him successfully. Georgia jumped off the ship and dropped off the treasure unnoticed.

We dropped off a Mermaid's treasure at Plunder Outpost. Met someone new who was setting off for the first time tonight. We dropped off the treasure successfully for $1000 gold. I initially boarded their ship and went in to game chat. They asked me to get off their ship.

Then we went to an island. Got attacked by a Galleon. We sank. Cook's Island

We returned to the island got a treasure. Then dropped it off at outpost.

Then the Galleon and Sloop attacked us there.

Another night at Sea of Thieves. Where it is more Thieves than Friends.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Sea of Thieves Adventure 1-11-2019

What a night at Sea of Thieves. It was the Sea of Thieves tonight not Sea of Friends.

We had a ship come upon us at Crook's Hollow. We landed and then a ship came upon us. I said "We have no treasure on board" in game chat not party chat. It was some young kids that said "We enjoy killing you anyways". I got aboard their ship and killed them. After fighting them for what seemed like forever. Their ship sunk. Next, I swam around the island and found a Ashen Chest [new chest] on the beach. Then another ship came upon us. We tried to run away and crashed into the island. Then some pro player with the Eye of Reach sniper kept killing me. Even hiding on our ship. Georgia smartly swam onto the island and hid the chest like a proper pirate! I respawned and drove and picked him up. Then we looked for the chests on the island. With his help I found both. I had a little trouble with one and he helped me walk through it.

Then it was time to cash in the treasure. We loaded it all up and sailed for the Outpost. I saw a ship out East. We quickly docked and off boarded all of our treasure.

Then we set off in search of the Bilge Rats adventure. We found a Chest of a Thousand Grogs on the island. I tried to sell it off to the Bilge Rat market unsuccessfully. Then the ship sank. Then Georgia picked me up. Georgia and I dropped off the chest being perused. I dropped off the chest of Grog. Georgia was being chased. I tried to get back on board our ship or the enemy ship. A shark killed me. Then I logged off.

Another successful day at the Sea of Thieves. Where enemy pirate thieves attempt to take your treasure and lose! We are the winners today.

JPSHRACER and Georgia

Monday, January 7, 2019

Games in 2019

2019 is off to an amazing start. Let us look ahead at what games are coming out.

Kingdom Hearts III comes out January 29, 2019. It looks to be an awesome action/ adventure game in the Kingdom Hearts universe. It has licensed characters from Disney, Pixar, Square Enix and other licensed characters. Play as those characters and save the world. I have never played a Kingdom Hearts game before. Primarily because they previously were exclusive to Playstation. I may have to give it a try. However for the first time ever they are coming to Xbox!

Available on Xbox and Playstation 1/29/2019.

Anthem comes out February 22, 2019 for the Standard and New Dawn Editions. It looks to be an action/adventure and role playing with cooperative gameplay elements. Many of my Xbox friends are heavily anticipating this game. I have played Destiny and Tom Clancy's The Division which were cooperative adventure games with inventory management. Anthem has that science fiction and space adventure theme to it. There will be four different body armor exosuits with javelins to play including Ranger, Interceptor, Storm and Colossus according to Xbox Wire. Each suit will have its own characteristics that make it unique. I will be seeing if my friends pick up this game to go along on their cooperative adventures. Anthem looks to offer playing cooperatively by playing with no level advantages or disadvantages when fighting a monster cooperatively. This means you can join your friends at anytime and play together without feeling underleveled for the mission or monster you are facing. Also there be customization of your character. Check out the Anthem YouTube channel for videos to learn more about the game. The Javelin Personalization video is linked down below that showcases an Alpha Build where BioWare showcases early rationalization of your character.

Anthem VIP Access demo will be available January 25 through January 27. It will be available for EA Access, Origin Access and preordering the game from a participating retailer. EA Access is the subscription for Xbox. Origin Access is the subscription for computer players (PC).

The full game is available Xbox, Playstation and PC on 2/22/2019.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is coming out March 12, 2019 for the Gold Edition and the Standard edition comes out March 15, 2019. It is an action, adventure, cooperative and shooter gameplay experience. Following up to the original The Division, The Division 2 looks goes to the capital of the United States of America Washington, D.C. area. The various enemies have taken over the city once again. It is your job to clean them out and take back the United States of America's capital. Load up with various weapons, traits and abilities to take back Washington D.C. capital. I definitely will be picking up Tom Clancy's The Division 2 to play with my friends cooperatively. I wonder if "The Dark Zone" will return? It featured Player versus Player (PVP) where you would fight against other human opponents in The Dark Zone.

Available Standard Edition 3/15/2019
Available Gold Edition (other editions, maybe Deluxe, may become available after this post is published) 3/12/2019

The full game is available on Xbox, Playstation and PC for the respective editions.

These are the top games that my friends and I are anticipating in 2019. I will post any updates as they become available. Let me know the ones you are looking forward to in the comments below.

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Anthem Xbox Wire https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/12/31/a-look-ahead-anthem/

Anthem Javelin Personalization https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivGNly4umo8

Racer Technology Blog

Racer Technology & Commentary is another blog I just started. It will be mainly focused on technology, computers and commentary on technology related fields. It will commentate on trending technology issues whether from privacy, new technology or anything relevant today. Technology with an explanation. I look forward to seeing you over there!

JPSHRACER Gaming is the premiere brand about gaming, guides and content. Whether guides, tutorials, achievements or content it will have the focus on gaming. JPSHRACER Gaming will explain the games and technology of today's gaming platforms. Plus coming soon on the https://jpshracergaming.com website there will be affiliate links. I need your support to support me financially if you shop online.

I know I moved this year 2019 from the Word Press Org version of the blog back to here on Blogger. It really was about a security issue with Word Press Org not supporting higher levels of login security on my end. It also did not support easy commenting without me creating everyone's own blog account manually. Google supports 2 step authentication which I greatly appreciate. Also I still own the rights to my own content! Freedom of the press!

Remember I appreciate your reading, commenting and continued support of my blogs and website. Remember you can login using any Google account that is yours to post a comment.

Thank you for your support!

AMD Ryzen Zen 2 and AMD X570. Custom Built Computer

I have a new blog up over at https://racertechnology.blogspot.com where I wrote about AMD Ryzen Zen 2 and AMD X570 motherboard in detail. Please go check that blog out and support me. I will have the next blog post explain the difference between the two blogs.

I am really excited for both of these products. I want to build a new custom built computer system with both of them inside a new gaming/work computer. It really looks like a great year for AMD computer processors and motherboards. I want a AMD ASUS X570 motherboard paired with an AMD Ryzen 3000 or possibly even Threadripper. Then combine that with the latest modern day Nvidia Graphics cards 2000 series (not to be confused with their earlier 2000, 2nd generation of Nvidia GeForce cards) and DDR4 SDRAM memory (Double Data Rate / Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory). It looks to be an awesome year to build a new custom built computer!

I also have a blog post going up on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 card just announced yesterday on Racer Technology blog. https://racertechnology.blogspot.com

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Welcome Back to Blogger 2019

After a hiatus and with much deliberation I am returning to Blogger by Google. I hope to be blogging more in 2019. Thank you for your continued support reading the blog.