Saturday, July 21, 2018

Pokemon Pre Release Weekend Celestial Storm

I am looking forward to going to Pokemon Pre Release Celestial Storm. (This is a trading card game however this is a gaming blog beyond video games too.) My favorite trainers Jonny, Aaron and Adrian have put it on in the past. Currently Jonny runs it for our location. They all are amazing! I am eternally grateful for them as friends and their awesome! I want to pull Swampert, Articuno and other Pokemon.
Swampert for the Pre Release is going to be awesome if I can pull it out. It is a Stage 2. However that Hydro Pump with base 80 plus 20 for every water energy is going to be awesome.
Articuno is a basic. That Ice Wing for 130 damage without restrictions could be devastating!
Ludicolo also a Stage 2. Its Swing Dance for a drawing card, nice. Also its Circular Steps for 70 base plus 10 for each Pokemon in play excluding itself. We are looking at a possible 5 Pokemon on your bench and 6 Pokemon (5 bench + 1 Active) on your opponent’s field! That is 70 + 110 = 180 damage possible. That I could use!
I also am looking at Sky Pillar which will allow for no bench damage to my Pokemon. (I now have plans to add that to my regular not Pre Release deck XY Evolutions Dugtrio deck. I can already imagine the possibilities!)
Where you can find the full set list currently is at
(No affiliation or endorsement.)
I will be writing more blog posts. This is only the start. Now I have to get some sleep. I have to be the best, take the ultimate test and be better than all the rest!

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