Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Summer 2022

Summer time time for the sailing the Sunfish sailboats and sunscreen. Hot days and sometimes cool nights. Fridge cooled Kevita Probiotic Strawberry Acai Coconut or Ginger Colada (Pina Colada). Time to get outside walking at night before sunset/dusk. However, time to clear the gaming backlog. Believe me the backlog is always there to fill the void between new games. Time to research the new games coming out. Paying for those video games is another question? Definitely have my eye on games upcoming and new announcements. Xbox Bethesda was June 12, 2022. Not a lot of new. Then again there is a COVID-19 pandemic still going on. I believe that delayed a lot of game developers and put them behind schedule. Perhaps working remote and not having the game development team in the office? Maybe GamesCom will have new announcements? Time to stay cool underground with the air conditioning on. Turn up the music and karaoke on Xbox! Xbox is the primary console I play on. Simple to install games, load games, multiplayer and Xbox Live Party Chat. PC is not as simple with 3rd party voice chat solutions. Getting better with voice integrated games. Nintendo Switch basically is non-existent voice chat because Nintendo decided to not build it into the console except 3rd party games. Games like Fortnite on Nintendo Switch get access to 3rd party voice chat. Nintendo 1st party games like Mario, Pokemon and more do not have it integrated into the console. Instead Nintendo still has their Nintendo Switch Companion App on Apple iOS and Google Android apps. I do not want to burn my phone battery to voice chat. Sorry Nintendo poor implementation! Chilling with The Best Friends Forever on Xbox. Summer is what I live for! Maybe because I love hot and air conditioning and gaming! Summer meant free time as a kid to play even more video games! Today I have a little money and plenty of video games in the backlog. Working a little towards cleaning out the backlog.


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