Thursday, June 23, 2022

 Xbox Project Scarlet became Xbox Series X. Released November 15, 2020. Availability was hard to find due to the COVID-19 pandemic that started February 2020. However, now in 2022 it is easier to find an Xbox Series X. Though they are not sitting on store shelves always. Ordering online when in stock is the best option. I got mine through Best Buy website December 2021. I enjoy the new faster processing power and games. Games are starting to only be available on Xbox Series X. Yes, there is Xbox Series S. However, in 2022 if you are not using 4K/Ultra High Definition then you are missing out. Also, games prices are going to $69.99 or $10 more dollars. Xbox 360 and Xbox One games stayed at $59.99 United States Dollars. It has been awhile since they were $49.99 in the non High Definition (HD) world.


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