Wednesday, June 29, 2022

 Nvidia GeForce Now is the gaming streaming service. It allows you to stream Windows PC games that you already own on Steam, Ubisoft, Epic and more to hardware that may not be able to support running the game natively. Hardware like a Mac Mini for example. I bought a Mac Mini earlier this year. While it is not my primary gaming console. Xbox, Nintendo and my gaming PC are. It is nice to be able to play a game at night while on a different floor. Nvidia GeForce accomplishes that goal exactly. Nvidia GeForce Now allows me to stream Among Us, Battlefield 4, Crysis Remastered, Half Life 2, Life is Strange, Life is Strange Before the Storm, Life is Strange Remastered Collection, MechWarrior 5, Mirrors Edge Catalyst, Need for Speed: Heat, Portal, Portal 2, Redout, Rocket League, Splitgate, Supreme Commander 2, Supreme Comander, Supreme Commander Forged Allliance, Team Fortress 2, Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2 and even more games that I do not own. Personally, I have played Watch Dogs and MechWarrior 5 of the games I own on my Apple Mac Mini M1. Plus, the greatest part is it is completely free to play for 1 hour gaming sessions. Definitely worth it for me to play the occasional gaming session on my Apple Mac Mini M1. All you need is an Nvidia GeForce Account. You do not even have to own an Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card. There are additional paid Tiers. The Priority Tier gets you 1080p gaming at 60 Frames Per Second (FPS) and 6 hour gaming sessions. The RTX 3080 Tier (name subject to change when the next Nvidia GeForce graphics card that replaces the 3080 comes out probably) gets you 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) at up to 120 Frames Per Second (FPS) and 8 hour gaming sessions. For complete current pricing visit the link below in the Resources section please. Go try out Nvidia GeForce Now game streaming either with your existing library or a free to play game! I am blown away at the quality being offered for free!


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